A video of a child being beaten up by a Madrasa teacher in Bangladesh is shared as from India.


Maulvi misbehaves with this child and tells others badly. Is it fair to torture the child in the name of religious education is Madarasa? Where are Human Rights Activists now?

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The video of a child being beaten ruthlessly by a madrasa teacher is shared questioning human rights activists to take action against the teacher. This video is shared in a context that it is captured in India. This video is viral since 2021 with the claim that the video is from Uttar Pradesh.

What is the truth ?

When searching for the relevant video by reverse image search, which sparked outrage on social media, it shows that the incident took place in Bangladesh and not in India.

Taking a cue from this, we searched regarding this video and found several newspapers and news-based organisations, like Dhaka Tribune, and The Business Standard dated 11 & 10 March 2021 respectively reporting the incident in a precise manner.

According to the reports, the incident took place at a madrasa in Chittagong’s Hathazari municipality in Bangladesh. The man, Mawlana Md Yahia Islam, was seen beating a residential student on March 9, 2021, which was shared by a bystander and the next day, UNO Rahul Amin informed the police and the child’s parents.

The incident occurred due to the child running behind his mother after the visit of his mother on his birthday as he was staying in a residential school. It further added that the boy was reportedly beaten up for the above. As was the complaint filed by the child’s father, the madrasa teacher was finally arrested and the judgement was given by HC to expel him from the school.

Regarding the above incident, another Bangladesh-based news organisation, The Business Standard, also mentioned the headline “Madrasa teacher arrested after mercilessly beating up a minor student in chattogram” on 10 March.


Hence, from the above information, it is found that the video is not from India but from a Madarasa in Bangladesh.

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