A video of the Chinese company building a railway in Malaysia is falsely shared as India!


This is the technology of today’s India. Which the government could not launch in the last 60 years because the tax money of the people of India was being deposited in Swiss banks. Jai Shri Ram

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The 2-minute 4-second video shows a tamping machine, placing railway sleepers as it moves. The viral post claims that “India’s technology has developed now compared to the last 60 years since, on that time all the tax paying money was deposited in Swiss Banks.” You can view related posts with similar claims here and here. Moreover, this post garnered around 144.5K views while we were writing this article.

What’s the truth?

Using the keyframes from the viral video, we conducted a Google reverse image search and discovered a news article that was posted on the website ‘News.CN’ on December 12, 2023.

According to the article, it is mentioned that the East Coast Rail Link road works are being carried out in the city of Kuantan in Malaysia by the ‘China Communications Construction Company’. The circulated video which claims as India, also shows that ‘China Communications Construction’ is written on the machines.

On the ‘China Press’ Facebook page, a video regarding the planned railway line in Kuantan has been uploaded. Additionally, a related story featuring the project images has been posted on the “China News” X page. Malaysia is mentioned as the location in this instance.

The machine in the news and the machine in the viral video says ‘CCPG500’. This information reveals that they are disseminating a video purporting to show railway construction in Malaysia rather than India.

A similar machine is used to build railways in India as well. In July 2020, the news was published on the YouTube page of ‘NEWS STATION’ that the construction of a railway track by machine has been started for the first time in India.

In the video, ‘TATA’ can be seen written on the railway machine and the helmets of the workers.


To sum up, the viral video purporting to show India building new railways with advanced technology is false and misleading. It turns out that it was taken when China Communications Construction was building a railway line in Malaysia.



First tracks laid for Malaysia’s mega rail project

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