A viral video claiming biryani made from the sewage water sold in Haryana is false


Haryana: Shama Biryani, Railway underpass, Kalka road, Pinjore – caught on camera selling Biryani made from gutter water.

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In this viral tweet, shared by a user namely Megh Updates in the X account, it is claimed that a shop namely Shama Biryani near the Railway underpass, Kalka road, Pinjore in Haryana making biryani in gutter water is caught on camera.  While watching the video we can see a Muslim man apologizing to some of the people who entered the shop and sewage being pumped out of the shop with the help of a motor. This same viral video is also shared by some other users which can be seen here, here, here and here. Apart from the above users, many right-wingers can also be seen spreading this video on their social media pages. Come, let’s see the truth behind this sensational claim.


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What’s the truth?

After analyzing the keyframes of the viral video through Google reverse image search, it was found that it is a biryani shop located in the Pinjore area of ​​Panchkula, Haryana and the name of this shop is ‘Shama Biryani’.

The channel namely Kalka Pinjore Live reported on its Facebook page on August 16 regarding the above issue. In the video, it states, “They reported to the Pinjore police station that the dhaba shop was unclean. A related video also went viral on social media. Today (August 16), the owner of Shama Dhaba, Suwan Ali, issued a written apology and promised not to discharge hotel waste on the roads in the future.

Bajrang Dal Kalka Constituency Coordinator Harmeet Singh Thimmi said that this non-vegetarian food shop has been smelling dirty and stinking for a long time. We reported this earlier too but he did not agree and instead tried to bribe me with Rs 5000 and then we lodged a written complaint with Pinjore police.”

In the whole video, it’s not mentioned in a single place that the shop has prepared biryani with the gutter water.

Also, the dirty water stored in the tank built on the ground in front of the shop was dumped on the road with the help of a motor pump. This can be seen in the above photos taken from the video. It can be learned through the video published by Kalka Pinjore Live that this video which is spreading on social media was taken when some members of Bajrang Dal, a right-wing organization, argued with the owner of the shop.

In this regard, YouTurn contacted Pinjore Police Station Inspector Karam Veer Singh to confirm this issue.  He said that “The information circulating on social media that Biryani was cooked in gutter water is false. The water from that outlet flows into the drain. They did not use that water to make biryani”.

We also tried contacting Suwan Ali, the owner of the shop to know the details but we could not reach him. Once we receive a reply from him, we will update that to this article.

Earlier too many rumours were spread by the right-wing on social media against Muslims to incite communal clashes. We have published articles on our page after examining their facts.

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In our research, we conclude that the viral video claiming biryani made from the sewage water sold in Haryana is false. It is also known that this video was taken when the Bajrang Dal organizers argued with the shop owner as the sewage water from the shop was pumped out on the road by a motor pump.

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