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Aachi Masala is rumored to be mixed with impotence drug!


Aachi Masala is mixed with an impotence drug that no one should buy. Officers arrested redhanded. Those in this picture have arrested the anti-nationals who are tampering with the people. Do not buy Aachi masala.



On behalf of the reader, it was sent to us that spice packets and photos of persons caught by the authorities were being shared on social websites as the impotency drug was mixed in the spices produced by Aachi Masala Company.

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When we searched on social media, we came to know that these posts have been circulating since last year.

Fact Check:

While searching the photos of the persons and the spice pockets, the customs officials seized 3 kg of drugs worth Rs 30 lakh from the courier of the spice pockets from Chennai to Australia. A photo of the spice pocket and photos of the detainees have been published on the Zee News Tamil website in October 2020, claiming that 4 people have been arrested in this connection.

Chennai Airport Customs: Rs. NDPS seized 3 kg of pseudoephedrine worth Rs 30 lakh at a courier terminal. The main culprit was caught by a kidnapping gang of 4 people, ”PIB Tamilnadu and Chennai Custom tweeted.

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After the news broke that the drug was being smuggled in Achi brand spice products, they contacted the company and started spreading misinformation on social media. The company issued a statement condemning the illegal use of their company products.

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There is no news that Aachi Masala is mixing anti-impotence drugs in its products. It is clear that the work is done by those who spread vain rumours against Aachi Masala on social media.

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Earlier, it was reported that Muslims were rumoured to be mixing birth control pills in the shop.


In our search, it was rumoured that Aachi Masala’s products were mixed with anti-impotence drug. The photos shared with it can be traced back to the drug smuggling gang in the company’s spice products.

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