Old image of Halal-certified export pack is shared to trend ‘Boycott ITC’.


Halal certified. I am completely boycotting all ITC products (Aashirvaad Atta) from today. Option to grind own flour from local mill #Halal #Aashirwad

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Social media users often use hashtags to boycott products. Recently, posts asking to boycott Aashrivaad flour have gone viral. An image showing the ‘halal’ symbol in the product package is shared mentioning that the company is selling halal-certified products in India and hence asks others to boycott ITC products.

Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here. The same image has been in circulation with the same claim at least since 2020. Some of them can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching the X handle of ITC Foods Customer Support, we found that the products shown in the viral posts are export packs. The ITC Cares X handle replied to some of the viral posts to clarify that the claim is untrue.

The post further mentions that the product shown in the viral posts is a very old export pack. It also clarifies that the product is like many other branded food export packs that are made per the requirements of the particular country in which it will be sold.


The ITC Cares page clarified the same to a social media post that had a similar claim in 2020. In addition to it, one of the images shared on the viral posts says ‘For Export’ on the product pack.

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There were multiple instances where the same pattern was followed for Cadbury, Thirumala Milk and Oreo products. Youturn covered them and published articles on the same.

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Photo of halal-certified Thirumala Milk Product shared with false claims.

Do Oreo products contain pig fat/pig milk and are they halal-certified in India?


It is found that an old image of an Aashirvaad halal-certified export pack is shared to claim that the products are sold in India.

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