Abdul Samad was not pushed into pond by a Hindu in Lucknow.


Lucknow. In Thakurganj, 7-year-old Abdul Samad was taken away from Kishore’s home and pushed into a pit dug for beautification… Whole incident captured in CCTV camera, murder case on six, four in custody…

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CCTV footage showing a kid pushing another kid into a pit filled with water leading to his death is widely circulated in the context that a Muslim kid was killed by a Hindu. This post is being quoted by many with similar additional claims accusing Hindus in this same incident.

The posts in Hindi read as “लखनऊ. ठाकुरगंज में 7 साल के बच्चे अब्दुल समद को किशोर घर से बुलाकर ले गया औरसुंदरीकरण के लिए खोदे गए गड्ढे में  धक्का दे दियासीसीटीवी कैमरे में कैद हुई पूरी वारदात, छह पर हत्या का केस, चार हिरासत में…” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that there is no communal angle in this incident. Times of India reported that a 7-year-old boy was pushed into a pond by a 13-year-old boy in Lucknow’s Thakurganj area. The deceased is identified as Abdul Samad from Ashraf Nagar. His father Ahmad Saifi found the CCTV footage when he was in search of his son. And he identified the other kid as his neighbour’s son.

Saifi complained against six people including the boy, his father, and the neighbours Huma Atiq, Saika, Arif and Khalid mentioning that they held a grudge against Saifi’s family. “My neighbours, who are in fact my enemies, had sent the minor boy to lure Samad to kill him. My neighbours had given me threats in the past too”, he alleged.

Live Hindustan reported that the 13-year-old boy took Abdul Samad from his home saying that they were going to play. Since Abdul Samad did not return home, his father searched for him and ended up finding his dead body in the pond. Later, he found the CCTV footage which shows his neighbour’s son pushing his son into the water body.

The name of the minor who pushed Samad is mentioned as Kishore in Hindustan article. It further states that Saifi filed a complaint against Huma, Saika, Arif and Khalid who are the family and relatives of Kishore, as per this article. Since the accused is a minor in this incident, probably an alternate name ‘Kishore’ is used to conceal his name in this article.

ETV Bharat also reported the same news as Hindustan. It mentioned the 13-year-old boy’s father as Mohammed Jaheen, his mother as Saika, and his maternal uncle as Khalif. Saifi registered a complaint against the minor boy, his father, mother, uncle and two others whose names are mentioned as Arif and Huma.


It is found that there is no communal angle in the incident of Abdul Samad’s death. He was pushed into a waterbody by his neighbour who belongs to the same community. It appears that some of the media named him as Kishore to conceal the real name of the accused as he is a minor which led to the confusion.

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