Actor Siddharth refutes the rumors of a tweet about the RCB women’s win!


Actor Siddharth Says ‘Not A Single Women On Street To Celebrate’ After RCB Scripts History At Women’s Premier League 2024

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The Women’s team of RCB defeated the Delhi Capitals by eight wickets to win the WPL 2024. Following RCB’s historic victory, social media was a flurry of congratulations and celebrations.

Meanwhile, some news outlets carried an article stating, that actor Siddharth tweeted “A team of women won a tournament but not a single woman on the street to celebrate. A quintessential moment of patriarchy in India.” Upon further observation, multiple media outlets reprinted the identical tweet containing the same narrative, in which he criticized women for failing to celebrate the win. You can view similar news articles here, and here.

What’s the truth?

Since this news is all about the actor’s tweet criticizing women not celebrating Women’s IPL RCB’s win, we started our analysis with a search on the actor’s X account. Interestingly, we couldn’t find any X-handle belonging to actor Siddharth. Then we checked his other social media platforms.

Here, he addressed the matter by stating that he lacks an account on either Twitter or X in his Instagram story.” He further adds, “Please stop crediting me what someone else is saying on that website.”

We then searched the X account user with the name of Siddharth. We looked through this user’s homepage and saw that, with a new header image on his wall, he makes it very evident that, no, I’m not actor Siddharth.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that he had actually criticized the news organizations for disseminating false information through their article screenshots.

Also, he added actor Siddharth’s story in a post and clarified stating, “Important announcement: I’m not actor Siddharth.”

All this information clearly confirms that the X user is not actor Siddharth.


To sum up, the viral claim spread by most of the major news agencies stating actor Siddharth criticized women for not celebrating RCB women’s IPL win is false. In reality, the X user tweeted that the message was not actor Siddharth and moreover, the actor clarified that he doesn’t have any X account.

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