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Rumour due to the title that Sivakumar enjoys in Tirupati with a young woman !


Is Sivakumar getting arrested? He enjoys in Tirupati with a young woman… Andhra police rush to Chennai!

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Dinaseval website published the news titled, “Is Sivakumar getting arrested? He enjoys in Tirupati with a young woman… Andhra police rush to Chennai!”. This title leads to slander Sivakumar on social media platforms.

What is the Truth?

It was on the news that the police has lodged a complaint on Sivakumar for his controversial speech about the Tirupati temple in June 2020.

The actor Sivakumar who spoke in an event on untouchability in temples, “It is said that Tirupati Yaelumalayan temple receives crores of money as tribute. A poor devotee walks to Tirupati from Kaatpadi after fasting for 48 days. He waits for 4 days in a long queue to worship God. But there he is made to rush by the temple officials with a bamboo stick saying “Jarugandi jarugandi (quick quick)”. But a rich person who comes with a young woman without informing his wife stays in a lodge, drinks liquor, and comes to the temple without even taking a bath gets honoured in the temple. I am saying what I have seen with my eyes”, said.

The Dinaseval website article dated 16th October 2021 reports, “It is to be noted that the entire family including actor Sivakumar, his son Surya, daughter-in-law Jyotika often embroil in controversy over something or the other. What the actor Sivakumar spoke about the Tirupati temple also has become controversial. Later a complaint was lodged against him by Tirupati temple. Now the case has taken a turn”.


It is evident that the rumour on Sivakumar is being spread because of the irrelevant title of the article on his speech about the Tirupati temple.

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