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Did Suriya published the NEET entrance exam book?


Somewhere in history, Surya’s Agaram Foundation, which has written and published a book in support of NEET.




Actor Surya’s statement after three students committed suicide in one day due to fear of NEET exam has become a big talk in Tamil Nadu. Support and opposition to Surya’s speech have been expressed in social medial.

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In this context, some people are accusing actor Surya for publishing the NEET entrance exam book a few years back and now speaking out against the NEET exam.

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Fact Check

In January 2017, a video was released on the YouTube channel Galatta Tamil, which featured former Judge Chandru, current VCK party’s MP Ravikumar and Surya among others. The title of the book, published by actor Surya on behalf of the Agaram Foundation, is “NEET Exam Challenges and Teaching Language Issues”.

“Professor Prabha Kalvimani (Kalyani), who leads the student selection committee at the Agaram Foundation, has compiled this book under the title ‘Why this publication’, by compiling articles published in the media by various scholars on the NEET exam. It will help us understand the challenges we face in the academic environment and the problems in the language of instruction, ” Surya said.

In the same area, he said, “No matter how absurd it is to tie the one hand and feet of some people in a race and declare the prizes for the first come, we create even more absurd barriers in the academic environment and put the same barriers for everyone.

Being silent without any conversation or discussion about the important things that need to be understood can be very dangerous. He noted that even one percent of the discussions and conversations was not happened about the lives of millions of students when compared with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.


Surya is also speaking at the book launch event on the premise of these sentences. You can watch it in the 7th minute in the video above. Many scholars have published the book with the intention of developing discussions and understanding about NEET through a collection of essays on the challenges of NEET examination and the problems in the language of instruction. But, they are misrepresenting that book as a NEET support book and as a book for NEET entrance exam.


In 2017, Surya published a book on the NEET Exam Challenges and Language Problems on behalf of the Agaram Foundation, which is a collection of articles published by many scholars, including judges, writers and political leaders, on the NEET exam. They have been saying that they are published for the purpose of creating a discussion about NEET and for understanding the functioning of the Central Government.

However, they were some social media users beginning to argue that the book published by actor Surya was a book in support of NEET. As mentioned earlier, after reading the full book “Challenges and Language Problems in the NEET Exam” features not only articles by pros and cons but also articles by those who speak out on both sides.

For example, former judges K. Chandru and P. Tamilkurisil have written an article in support of NEET. However, Prabha Kalvimani, Prof. Thirumavalavan and Gnanavell have expressed their opposition to NEET. Thirumavalavan has called for legislation to exempt states that say NEET should not be chosen. People like MP Ravikumar have talked in detail about the grievances of both the private medical colleges, the functioning of the Tamil Nadu government and NEET selection.

Kalam sir’s guidelines on how to protect Tamil language by bringing Tamil education in all fields, not only in school education but also in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and he also compiled his view under the title “Tamil Prosperity 6-point plan”.

The book also compiles the guidelines mentioned by many academics in the magazines Puthiyathalaimurai kalvi, Ananda Vikatan, The Hindu and Dinamai.

Thus, in view of each person, articles have been published on the topic of NEET examination, medical education and the education of Tamil Nadu students to create this topic as a discussable one in public view. Again, we ask that you do not misunderstand.

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