This article is from Apr 18, 2021

Did Seeman said that actor Vivek used to call me leader?


Actor Vivek usually calls me leader – Seeman

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Actor Vivek dies of a heart attack recently, His body was kept to pay his last respects by the film industry, political leaders and the general public.

Seeman, the co-ordinator of the Naam Tamil Party, who went to pay his respects, said, “Actor Vivek will call me the leader.”

A 2.42-minute video of Seeman grief regarding Actor Vivek’s death has been released in the Sun News, entitled “Actor Vivek is the closest to my heart – Seeman in condolence”. In it, Seeman does not say that actor Vivek will call me a leader


Some social media users are spreading the wrong message by doing Photoshop at the newscard where “Seeman pays homage to the body of actor Vivek”.

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