Actress Nithya Menon refutes the rumors of being sexually harassed by the Tamil actor


A Tamil hero harassed me, I’ve faced a lot of problems in #Tamil Film Industry. – #NithyaMenen #NithyaMenon

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In the viral post shared by the user “BuzZ Basket” it’s claimed that the actress Nithya Menon said that she faced a lot of problems working in the Tamil film industry. This tweet got a whooping amount of 668.9K views, 507 likes, and 630 reposts. The infographic poster also added “I’ve never faced any problems in the Telugu industry but I faced a lot of problems in Tamil industry.

A Tamil hero harassed me while shooting for a film.” The poster ends by saying ‘fans are wondering who that hero is!’ This same poster with similar claims is widely spread by many social media users and can be seen here and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth ?

When we started our research we were directed toward actress Nithya Menon’s official Instagram page stating that it is fake news.

In the post she said “We are all here for such a short period of time. It always surprises me how much wrong we do to each other. I point this out today because only accountability stops bad behavior. Be better humans thebuzzbasket, ursbuzzbasket, lets cinema and all the others who have followed this bandwagon.” She also added the hashtag #stopfakenews to her Instagram post.

Similarly in another post it was seen that a photo was mentioned and posted as false news and completely untrue.

In that post she said, “It’s very sad that certain sections of journalism have come down to this. I urge you – Be Better than this!” She again added the hashtag #stopfakenews to this post also.

This clearly proves that the above viral post shared by the social media users claiming about actress Nithya Menon’s statement in an interview is completely false.


Thus we conclude that, actress Nithya Menon has said in an interview that she was not sexually harassed by a Tamil actor, and reports circulating on social media are a rumor and she herself has clarified the same in a Instagram post.

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