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Fact Check: Trains owned by Indian Railways have been sold to Adani?


Sir, where did the Adani train come from?



A 1-minute video has been shared on social media about the Adani Group’s advertisements throughout the engine states that trains owned by Indian Railways have been sold to Adani.

In the viral video, we could see the train engine numbered WAP 7. Upon searching it, we came to know that it belonged to the Vadodara region of the state of Gujarat. Also, the train is not sold to Adani, only the company’s advertisements are featured.

In a financial express report released on March 4, 2020, “Indian Railways earns huge revenue from locomotive branding. On February 27, 2020, a total of 5 WAP 7 engines were assigned to Adani Wilmer on a rotary basis. Locomotive branding in Vadodara, the Gujarat division of the Western Railway, generates revenue of Rs 73.26 lakh per annum.

The press release is published on the Adani Wilmer website. Adani Wilmer is a joint venture between Adani Group and Singapore Wilmer International Limited. Edible oils and edible grains are their primary products.

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The PIB’s official Twitter page also revealed that it was only a commercial advertisement and it was misinterpreted that trains being sold to Adani in that viral video.


In our search, we came to know that that only commercial advertisement placed on train engines, which is misinterpreted that Indian Railways sells trains to Adani in that viral video. It is possible to know that the railway industry is spearheading revenue by placing commercial advertisements on train engines.

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