This article is from Aug 17, 2021

Were 800 Indians evacuated from Afghanistan in a single flight?


800 Indians who were fearing death were evacuated in a single flight.

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Talibans take control of Afghanistan after which expats including Indians and people who supported America crowded in airport desperately to flee Afghanistan created chaos.

In this scenario, a picture thanking PM Modi claiming that 800 Indians were evacuated in a single aircraft is viral on social media.

What is the Truth?

It is on the news on the 15th of August that 129 Indians returned home from Afghanistan. August 17th ‘The Hindu’ article reports, 140 Indians including Embassy staff, Indo-Tibetan border Police personnel and four media persons took off from the Kabul airport on board a special military flight.

We could only find news on evacuating Indians in the hundreds, where no information on evacuating 800 Indians is found.

When the viral image is reverse searched, we found an article from 2013 on the ‘Pacific air force’ website reporting the viral picture as evacuating 670 Philippines’ Tacloban residents on a C-17 Globemaster III to Manila following Super typhoon.


The viral picture was captured in 2013 in the Philippines and not the one of evacuating 800 Indians from Afghanistan in a single aircraft.

However, 140 Indians were evacuated from Afghanistan on a special military flight.

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