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2 lakh crore budget of Agaram Foundation? | Fake news turned ridiculed!


The Agaram Foundation has budgeted Rs. 2 lakh crore between 2006 and 2020. 15000 crore has been accounted for by the Income Tax Department. This is the problem. How can an NGO fund so many crores? Was black money used to exchange on a commission basis ??? 

The background is also being investigated as several thousand crores have come from Mumbai alone. Let’s wait and see.

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In India whenever film actors comment on the plans and activities of the government, it becomes controversial. So much importance is given to the opinions expressed by celebrities. But everyone knew that the idea would be celebrated if it was in their favour, otherwise they would be despised.

Recently Surya and his brother actor Karthi who runs the Uzhavan Arakattalai also expressed his views and questions on the EIA 2020 draft. There were even discussions in the media about the two’s opinion. Their opinion was supported by many on social media. Similarly, the opposition has taken up teasing, mockery, and gossip.

It is also claimed that Actors Karthi and Surya both commented on the EIA draft because of Modi’s wedge that they could not steal millions through the “Agaram Foundation”. Likewise, they are also spreading that the Agaram Trust has a budget of Rs. 2 lakh crore between 2006 and 2020 and has a reserve of Rs. 15,000 crore. Also, there are even suspicions that black money and hawala are behind this.

Many who have seen this claim have started to tease and mock. There is no basic evidence, not even the smallest news regarding the relevant information. However, the reason for spreading such a rumour is nothing but to create hatred among the people.

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Approximately 3,000 students are said to have benefited from the “Agaram Foundation” run by the actor Surya family since 2006. In 2019, actor Surya on his Twitter page said that 2500 students have so far benefited from the ‘Agaram Vithai’ Project and asked them to introduce to the Agaram the deserving, talented, and poor students among the Plus Two writing students.

Rumours surrounding actor Surya are not new, they keep spreading rumours whenever he comments on the plans of the rulers. In July 2019, Surya was rumoured to have said, “I am not responsible for tax evasion in our trust”. This misinformation was spread when actor Surya spoke on providing equality in education rather than providing equality in NEET exams. Not even a single public school student from NEET exam was able to enroll through the Agaram Foundation, which made him voice about it. 

Similarly, in September 2019, an old video went viral that actor Surya had converted to Islam. That’s because he spoke openly about national education policy. So, rumors were circulating that Surya had converted to Islam.


If someone asks a question or comments anything about the Government’s decisions they are said to be slandered and spread rumors on social media instead. It is also possible to see the rumor being spread at times. We would like to inform everyone not to share unsubstantiated rumors and to tell many people about the rumors circulating on social networking sites.

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