This article is from Jul 21, 2019

Did Surya say that I am not responsible for tax evasion in the trust?


I am not responsible for tax evasion in our trust – Actor Surya



Recently, actor Surya was speaking on stage about the National Education Policy 2019 and NEET entrance examination. That cause political parties protested against the opinion of actor Surya, but his support among the people continues.

In this case, actor Surya is sharing a photo with the logo of a news channel saying that he is not responsible for the tax evasion at his Agaram Foundation.

When inquired about whether there were tax evasion tests at actor Surya’s Agaram Foundation and whether Surya had made no such a comment like this and there were no reports of tax evasion at the Agaram Foundation.

However, the news about actor Surya has been leaked in Polymer News. After NEET Exam, not even a single public school student enrolled through the Agaram Foundation. Surya said on Twitter that equal education should be ensured rather than making equal choices.

As there was a Polymer logo on the already spread news, when we went to the Polymer news page on Facebook, we could see in the picture above that “not even a single public school student in Agaram foundation enrolled after by the NEET exam”.

From this, it can be seen that someone deliberately Photoshopped false news that quotes as “I was not responsible for the tax evasion in the Agaram Foundation. ~ Actor Suriya”


People should first know that the Photoshopped News templates with the logo of news channels is displaying more on Facebook. Surya has been the subject of constant violence on social media posts and misinformation for talking about national education policy.

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