Ahsan Mewati Pakistani who instigated violence through his video is not from India but Pakistan.


This Jihadi YouTuber whose name is Ahsan Mewati is Pakistani but lives in Mewat, he is talking about killing Monu Maneshar 3 days back. But the riots happened because of the yatra – Secular Jamaat

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Haryana witnessed communal clashes since the beginning of this week leaving 6 killed and several injured. Violent clashes erupted when a mob attempted to stop the religious procession held by VHP. A day before the yatra, Monu Manesar’s video was said to be shared in which he mentioned about his participation in the procession which created tense atmosphere in Haryana. Another video is also viral relating to Haryana violence. Ahsan Mewati Pakistani is seen instigating violence against Monu Manesar in the video. He is seen spewing anti-Hindu comments and inciting Muslims to kill Monu Manesar. This video of Ahsan Mewati Pakistani is shared by many to claim that he is in India. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.


What is the Truth?

When searching the social media pages of Ahsan Mewati Pakistani, we found a couple of Youtube channels and Facebook pages each on his name. One of his Facebook pages mention the location as Alwar in Rajasthan, India. But another Facebook page lists the location as Kahror Pakka, Punjab, Pakistan. Kahror Pakka is in Lodhran district of Pakistan’s Punjab. His phone number is mentioned in this Facebook account, and it starts with ‘030’.

One of his Youtube channels has 82k subscribers. And the location is mentioned as Pakistan in the ‘About’ category. The page also displays a 11-digit phone number which starts with ‘030’. When searching for the phone number format of Pakistan, we found that it is 11-digit and starts with ‘03’ followed by the operator code assigned to the respective mobile operator. The fourth digit can be any number between 0 and 9. The remaining 7 numbers is the user’s personal number. It is found that the number mentioned on the Youtube channel belongs to Pakistan and the mobile operator is found as Jazz with the code mentioned on ‘Best Mobile’, a Pakistani website. The location in his second Youtube channel is also mentioned as Pakistan.

In addition to it, we found a video of his interview on one of his Youtube channels. When the reporter asked Ahsan Mewati Pakistani where he lived in India before, he told he was in Ghatla village of Rajasthan’s Alwar district. When asked about where he is in Pakistan, he said as Lodhran in Pakistan’s Punjab.

Ahsan Mewati told India Today that is from Pakistan and has so far never visited India. He also added that his ancestors from India were migrated to Pakistan during the partition.

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It is found that Ahsan Mewati Pakistani who instigated violence through his video is from Pakistan and is not in India as claimed.

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