AI-generated image claims Palestinians have meals on their house rubble.


An example of Palestinian resilience breakfast on their home rubble’s! Palestinian are not leaving their homes ,nor their homeland

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The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict has killed more than 10,000 people and left more than 25,000 injured till date. Multiple social media users, mainstream media, Israel’s official social media handles and noted personalities keep sharing multiple visuals relating to the war. Most of them are found to be old, edited, or unrelated.

One image purportedly showing a set of people having their meal on their house rubble is being circulated now. This image is shared to mention how resilient Palestinians are. One of the Palestinian supporters shared the image with the caption “You can’t kill the desire to live, share and rebuild. No bombs can destroy the Palestinian spirit”. Some of the other posts carrying the same image can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

The image has the logo ‘Melao Digital’ on it. When searching the social media pages of Melao Digital, we found the same image with the caption ‘Free Palestine’. No other information on when or where it was taken or whether it was edited is not mentioned in these posts.

When watching the image carefully some of the hands are found distorted indicating that there are higher chances for the image to be AI-generated.

When using a couple of AI image-detecting tools, we found that the image is indeed edited, and not real. Isitai‘s website result says that the image is 73.51% AI-generated. Another website, Hivemoderation mentioned that the image is likely to be 99.9% AI-generated.

Multiple Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated photos are being circulated on social media platforms. YouTurn covered some of the virally shared images which can be seen here.

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It is found that the viral image purportedly showing a group of people in Palestine having their meal on their house rubble is AI-generated.

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