AI-generated Modi picture is falsely shared as a real image shot in Gokarna


This was clicked in Gokarna by a french tourist. A message to the entire planet earth from mother nature. Goosebumps. RT WHEN YOU SEE IT.

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In the viral post shared by a user namely ‘Rajesh Bhatt’ claimed that the image shared by him on his X account was clicked by a French tourist at Gokarna. He also added that it was a message from Mother Nature to the entire planet Earth. The post mentioned that ‘goosebumps when you see it.’

This same post was shared by many social media users with similar claims that can be seen here and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

We started our research using the simple Google reverse image process which led us to the X account of an artist namely ‘Madhav Kohli.’ He uploaded the same image with the caption, “Do you see him too?” on 23 September which has gathered a whooping 22.7K views, 568 likes, and around 61 reposts so far. The first glimpse of the image shows a piece of land on the seashore with some coconut trees swaying in the wind at the beautiful orange sunset at the backdrop. But when you have a closer look, you will be able to see our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face amidst the coconut trees and the sunset sky. The image indeed is a wonderful work of the artist with the minute details in it.

And also, when we noticed the comment section, a user has asked him, “Using which app?” he has created this image. For this question Madhav Kohli has replied as “Stable diffusion.” When we searched about what is meant by stable diffusion in the Google, we learnt that it’s an AI- generated platform used to create unique photorealistic images.

What’s is Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion is a deep learning model that utilizes diffusion processes to generate high-quality artwork from input images. Simply put, when you give a prompt to Stable Diffusion, the model is trained to generate a realistic image of something that matches your description.

Stable Diffusion can produce a wide range of artistic styles, including photorealistic portraits, landscapes, and abstract art. The algorithm has been used in various applications, including generating images for scientific research, creating digital art, and developing video games.

How does the stable diffusion work?

Stable Diffusion operates by iteratively applying a diffusion process to the image. At each iteration, the algorithm computes the diffusion coefficient based on the local image characteristics, such as gradients and edges. This coefficient determines the strength and direction of the diffusion, allowing the algorithm to adaptively adjust the smoothing effect across different regions of the image.

The above evidence proves that the viral image showing the face of our PM Modi in the beach backdrop is an AI-generated work.


Thus we conclude through our investiagtion that the circulated image with the Modi face is not from Gokarna, Karnataka neither shot by a french tourist. In reality, the person shared the viral image has told that it’s a work of AI technology  with the latest application called ‘Stable Diffusion.’

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