AI-generated video of Bill Gates interview is shared with false claim


This is real journalism! Journalists of India become ‘petticoat journalists’ in the Congress era and ‘knicker journalists’ in the BJP era! When does he do journalism, the time has come to ask?

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A video of Bill Gates’ interview is shared with multiple claims that he was caught in a corner, the interviewer destroyed Bill Gates, and so on to mock Bill Gates. This video is also being shared in Hindi mentioning that this is how a journalist should be in the context that journalism in India does not have the required quality. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

The post in Hindi reads as “यह है असली पत्रकारिता! भारत के पत्रकार तो कांग्रेस काल मेंपेटिकोट पत्रकारबन जाते हैं औरभाजपा काल मेंनिक्कर पत्रकार‘! वो पत्रकारिता कब करते हैं, यह पूछने का वक्त गया है?”

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords, we found that the video is fake. The original version of the full interview is found uploaded by ‘ABC News (Australia)’ Youtube channel on 31, January 2023 with the title ‘Bill Gates complained to tech companies about ‘laughable’ COVID-19 conspiracy theories 7.30’. The description part mentions that the journalist Sarah Ferguson interviews Bill Gates.

This video and the viral video seem to match visually but the audio heard in the viral video seems unmatching. The attire of the interviewer and the guest in both videos match. The logo ‘7.30’ in the video and the background also matches in both videos except for the audio. No such questions as in the viral video were asked actually.

The current affairs program 7.30 premiered daily in Australia and Sarah Ferguson is presenting it. It also includes political analysis by Laura Tingle.

ABC News Australia’ website also published an article on the answers given by Bill Gates in the interview. This article is titled ‘Bill Gates complained to tech companies about ‘laughable’ COVID-19 conspiracy theories’ and was published on 30, January 2023. This article also mentions Bill Gates’ talks about climate change, Covid-19 conspiracy theories, artificial intelligence, and multiple other issues but nothing related to what is heard in the viral video is mentioned in the article. This article also has the original video of the interview.

With further search, we found the source of the viral video in a TikTok account with the user name ‘@bdti989’. The viral video is quoted as ‘AI generated’ and captioned as ‘How dangerous AI can be’.


It is found from our search that an AI-generated fake video of Bill Gates is shared to claim that he was caught in a corner and destroyed by the journalist.

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