AI images of Ayodhya and Banaras railway stations take the internet by storm! Read more


Claim: 1

Ayodhya Railway Station

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Banaras metro station.

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Some photos are going viral on social media saying this is Banaras metro station not a temple and look at Ayodhya railway station. Also, it can be seen that the railway stations look like palaces and not real places. Many social media users have shared both images with similar claims can be seen here, here, and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of these viral claims.

 What’s the truth?

A Google reverse image search of the circulating photos revealed that these photos are not authentic.

And the viral AI image of Banaras Metro was first spotted on Amar’s X page last October 21 under the title “Bharat RRTSrail Metro”. A few other AI images were also recorded similar to the viral photo.

A perusal of his X page revealed that he had posted many similar AI photos.

Also, the AI image circulating about Ayodhya Railway Station was first posted on The Madhya Pradesh Index on October 24 last. Ayodhya train should be like this. But having said that, a picture of the actual railway station of Ayodhya was also attached.

The pictures of the actual railway station of Ayodhya can be confirmed through the photographs released by the Ministry of Railways under the caption “Some pictures of renovation work going on at Ayodhya railway station”.

And checking whether the circulating photos are AI photos, hivemoderation website confirmed that 99.9% of them are created with AI technology.

Similarly, photos of many railway stations, generated through AI technology, are going viral on social media.

Earlier too, AI photos were falsely circulated on social media by many claiming to be real. We have published articles on this also on our page.

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In our search, we find out that the photos circulating claiming that these are not temples but railway stations of Banaras and Ayodhya are not real and are created by AI technology.

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