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Are these AI super soldiers in military training?


AI super soldier in training

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A video purportedly showing a humanoid robot identifying and shooting targets where two men are seen taking turns to thrash the robot meanwhile is shared on social media with the claim that they are AI (Artificial Intelligence) super soldiers under training. Posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here, here, and here.

Boston Dynamics is a Massachusetts company famous for its dog robot. One of the Youtube videos that talks about Boston dynamics robots used the visuals from the viral video also.

What is the truth?

Youturn fact-checked and published an article about this viral video in Tamil in November 2019. The word ‘Bosstown Dynamics’, spoof of ‘Boston Dynamics’ can be seen on the body of the robot claimed as AI super soldier and on the bottom of some of the viral videos. In fact, the word can be seen misspelled on the robot.

The extended version of the viral video is found on the Youtube channel ‘Corridor Crew’ with title ‘New robot makes soldiers obsolete (Corridor Digital)’ published on 26, October 2019. The video has a disclaimer: “This video is a comedic parody and is not owned, endorsed, created by, or associated with the Boston Dynamics company.”

It is mentioned in another video titled “we used CGI to fake military robots” published by ‘Corridor Crew’ Youtube channel on 27, October 2019, that the video was shot at California Tactical Academy. The video explains how they framed the ‘Bosstown’ video.

The next video by the same Youtube channel was published on 31, October 2019 with the title ‘Combat Robots: VFX Before and After Reveal’.


The claim that the viral video is about training AI super soldiers is false as the video is a comedic parody created using CGI and VFX.

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