Leading media outlets have published false news that the annual fee is for the semester!


AICTE announces a new fee structure for Engineering courses BE, B.Tech, B.Arch. The prescribed amount for a semester is Rs.79,000 (minimum), and Rs.1,89,000 (maximum).

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AICTE has issued a new structure raising the fees for courses including engineering and diplomas and the salaries of professors. It was reported that the annual fees for students were set at a minimum and a maximum.


Many leading media outlets, including Kalaignar News and Jaya Plus, published false news that “a minimum fee of Rs 79,600 a semester and a maximum of Rs 1,89,800 a semester is fixed for undergraduate engineering degrees. For diploma programmes, the minimum fee is Rs 67,900 and maximum Rs 1,40,900 a semester”.

What is the truth?

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) website published a report dated 12th December, 2021, that recommends a minimum and maximum annual fee for diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
The minimum fee for a 3-year diploma course is Rs. 67,900, the maximum is Rs. 1,40,900, the minimum for a 4-year engineering course is Rs. 79,000, the maximum is Rs. 1,89,800, the minimum for postgraduate engineering course is Rs. 1,41,200 and the maximum is Rs. 3,04,000.

Development Fees and Penalties:

In addition, the AICTE report said that for procedural reasons, if regulatory authorities do not review/ revise the fees for years, the institution may charge a fee with an escalation up to 5% per annum as indicated.

Next, it has been suggested that students may be charged a development fee of 15% of their tuition fees for future expansion of the system and for the development of education.

Similarly, students may be fined for various reasons such as late payment and misconduct, stating that such fees should not exceed Rs.100 per incident.


AICTE report recommends a minimum and maximum annual fee for diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses but not the semester fees for the courses.

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