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Name of Emperor Rajendra Chola on an Air India flight!


At the beginning of Air India, each aircraft was named after a prominent person. This plane was named after Emperor Rajendra Chola.

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Tamil social media users recently sharing a photo of Chola emperor Rajendra Chola’s name engraved on an Air India flight. JRT founded Tata Airlines in the 1930s. In independent India, the Indian government nationalized Tata Airlines and launched Air India.

The aircraft manufactured by Boeing is used in the Air India service. Recently, it was announced that new aircraft for Prime Minister Modi and the President would be purchased from US-based Boeing and it delayed in delivery of aircraft due to coronavirus.

Air India purchased a Boeing 747 for use in the 1970s. The first Boeing 747 aircraft purchased at the time was named after Indian Emperor Ashoka. The Boeing 747 aircraft used by Air India in 1976 is named after emperors such as Asoka, Rajendra Chola, Kanishka, Akbar and Krishna Deva Rayer. The Airindiacollector and indianairmails websites feature photos of each aircraft.

An article published on the Mumbai Mirror website on July 21, 2020, about the Boeing 747, states that the emperors’ named aircraft featured works of art from their era inside. The plane, named after Rajendra Chola, was flying from Bombay to London.

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In 2016, Rajendra Chola’s portrait was dedicated to the port of Mumbai by the Government of Maharashtra to the Indian shipping company Mazgon Docks.


Most people are not likely to know that the Chola emperor Rajendra Chola was named for the Air India flight. The Boeing 747 aircraft purchased for use by Air India in the 1970s are named after the emperors.

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