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Cropped image of a morphed photo is shared as Alia Bhatt’s baby


As the baby arrive home, Ranbir Kapoor is holding a baby girl in his arms and Alia Bhatt appears happy.

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Alia Bhatt gave birth to a baby girl on 6, November 2022. Post this announcement, a picture of her being with a baby is circulated on social media platforms. Such posts can be seen here and here. Several other images of babies are also shared along with Alia Bhatt’s, but this particular photo seem to be viral on social media platforms.

What is the truth?

Alia Bhatt took to Instagram to announce that the couple were blessed with a baby girl. And no pictures of the baby girl is shared till date by her or by Ranbir Kapoor.

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The photo used in the viral image was shared earlier by a YouTube channel on one of its video. The YouTube channel ‘Bollywood City’ published a video on 16, July 2022 titled ‘Alia Bhatt Welcome Twin Babies with Ranbir Kapoor Soon’ which is not true as Alia Bhatt’s Instagram post clarified that she gave birth to a baby girl and not two.

This video’s Thumbnail has Alia Bhatt with two babies. This morphed thumbnail is cropped and shared now claiming as Alia Bhatt’s baby.


The photograph of a baby claiming as Alia Bhatt’s is not true and is morphed. The couple is yet to reveal the picture of their baby.

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