Altered audio of former CM Kamalnath meeting minority Muslims circulated with false narratives


Kamalnath’s secret things… What are you saying… we will get you the mosque land and 370 will also be considered… Is there a consensus on such matters? Thu thu thu thu thu Congress harami pan Dekho

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As elections are near to be held in states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan there are numerous videos surfacing on the internet daily with false information.

Here, in this 30-second viral video, it is claimed that former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath has held a meeting with the Muslim community and talked about getting back the mosque land and removing Article 370. This same post is shared by multiple social media users with similar claims can be seen here, here, and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research with relevant keywords we learned that the video has been available on the internet since 2018. This says that the video is old. Also, this same video has been circulated with various manipulative claims since 2018. When we advanced our search, we got one such article that addresses the same viral video published by “The Times of India” on 14 November 2018. The article is titled “Kamal Nath video finds Congress in another RSS controversy.”

According to the report, Kamal Nath’s video addressing minority Muslims in the State of Congress Office went viral. In the original video, he said, “What are the RSS workers doing these days? I have the information. RSS activists have been spread all over. Let me talk about Chhindwara because people come and tell me. Since Chhindwara is adjoined to Nagpur it is very convenient for them. They come in the morning and back at night.”

He also adds, “They just have two lines to speak. If you want to vote for Hindus, vote for Hindu Tiger Modi. And if you want to vote for Muslims, vote for the Congress party. This is their strategy. You have to be extremely careful. They will try to instigate you. We will deal with them later. But till the elections, you have to endure them.”

So, this original speech of former CM Kamal Nath is shared with false claims since 2018. This shows that again now in 2023, the same video is circulated with another misleading information. Here, the audio has been altered and spread with spurious claims.

When we searched further, we also got a clarification video from Kamal Nath posted on the YouTube regarding the same viral video on 15 November 2018. According to the video, Kamal Nath admitted and reiterated his stand. He said, “What have I said so wrong? What is so offensive about that viral video? I said, be careful of those persons trying to divide society for their own interests. They will divert attention from real issues and will try to divide society. Be careful of such persons. The Congress party will not let such persons succeed in politics. Our communal harmony will continue to live. And I have said this to every community delegation that I have met. What is wrong with it?” he concludes.

This solidifies the truth that the former CM Kamal Nath’s speech is digitally altered and spread on the internet with misinformation creating more confusion and panic among public.

Also we got another article published by NDTV on 22 November 2018 titled as “Controversy Over Kamal Nath’s Video On “Muslim Votes.” This article also carries the same viral video.

This concludes that the video is old and is shared on the social media platforms since 2018 with disinformation.


Thus, we conclude with all the available information that the viral video claiming that the former CM Kamal Nath speaking about getting back the mosque land and removing Article 370 is false and circulated with edited audio.

In reality, the video is old and from 2018 talking about RSS activities.

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