Did the ambulance wait for the education minister? Dinamalar published the news without knowing about the bridge!


An ambulance was waiting for the education minister’s car to go.



Dinamalar published news on viral video which claims that an ambulance was made to wait on the other side of the bridge when School Education Minister Anbil Mahesh went to the Kumbakonam dam area along with 25 cars to inspect the flood damage in the Kollidam river area.

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Dinamalar’s news that the ambulance waited for a long time for Minister Anbil Mahesh’s vehicles is made viral by BJP supporters on social media. Head of Information Technology Division of Tamil Nadu BJP posted, “Anbil Mahesh, how long will this last?” on Twitter. This video is being published by English media outlets including India Today.

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What is the truth?

Located about 20 km on the way from Kumbakonam to Chennai, the bridge has been a one-way route for many years. When vehicles are coming from one side, it is difficult for the vehicles from the other side to pass. Therefore, they wait for the vehicles on the other side and go. Traffic policemen are also on duty to regulate traffic on the bridge. This is well known to the local people.

Minister Anbil Mahesh and other officials have already entered the dam bridge, so the ambulance on the other side had to wait as there is no other option.

A few years ago, heavy vehicles were banned due to cracks on the bridge. Later, after 3 years, from 2021, the bus service was resumed.


It is known that the video of the ambulance waiting for a long time is being wrongly circulated on social media, not knowing that the Kumbakonam dam bridge is a one-way road, and the ambulance had to wait for the Education Minister Anbil Mahesh’s cars to pass.

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