Amit Malviya shares a clipped video to claim Srinivas BV insulted Smriti Irani.

The BJP IT Wing chief had made many misleading or false tweets in the past.


This uncouth, sexist man is President of the Indian Youth Congress. डार्लिंग बना कर बेडरूम में… This is the level of discourse, when referring to a woman minister, just because she defeated Rahul Gandhi from Amethi. A frustrated Congress is hurtling down the path of irrelevance.

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BJP’s IT Wing National Head shared a video of Srinivas BV, the National President for Indian Youth Congress with a caption insinuating that the video was against Smriti Irani, the Union Minister of Women & Child Development, as she defeated Rahul Gandhi in the 2019 Parliament Elections in the Amethi constituency. Megh Updates too described it as a sexist slur and claimed that the Congress has hit below the belt.

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What’s the truth?

Actually, Srinivas BV had shared the video in his twitter profile.

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In the video, he can be heard saying “With BJP, there’s going to be unemployment. Have they ever thought how the workers, labours are surviving? They have never thought about this. BJP is the reason for the inflation. In everything, there’s inflation. In 2014, they said inflation is a witch & they cut the inflation. I would like to tell this to Smriti Irani. She had become deaf & dumb. You have made the witch of inflation as a darling and had made it sit comfortably in the bedroom.”

Amit Malviya had shared the trimmed down version of clip. The trimmed video starts without the part about unemployment or the BJP’s promise in 2014 that Srinivas mentioned. Along with it, a caption that highlights “to make darling sit in the bedroom” to insinuate an insult to Smriti Irani.

Earlier in February 2023, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren had also said made similar statements about Inflation and the BJP. He said that BJP had once called inflation as ‘dayan’ (witch) but it appears to have become the party’s ‘bhaujai’ (sister-in-law).

Interestingly, Amit Malviya’s tweet has been uploaded minutes after Srinivas BV posted the tweet. Yet, the video was cut and shared with a misleading connotation. Amit Malviya had made several such false or misleading tweets in the past. Some of it are given below.


Amit Malviya’s tweet with a video of Srinivas BV is shared without context and the claim that Srinivas BV had made sexist comments against Smriti Irani is misleading.

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