Amit Malviya spreads falsehood on Rahul Gandhi. Again.


If only “chunavi Hindu” Rahul Gandhi knew that aarti is done clockwise and there is a scientific reason for it (earth moves in clockwise direction and hence environmental frequencies are in sync with movement), he would not be making a spectacle of himself in public like this…

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Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra entered Madhya Pradesh on 23rd November 2022 and will pass through the state for around 12 days before entering Rajasthan. On 25th November 2022, Rahul Gandhi performed Aarti at Narmada River in Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh. A video of it is being circulated in social media by the right wing and BJP supporters, spear headed by Amit Malviya, BJP’s IT wing head with a claim that Rahul Gandhi performed the aarti in anti-clockwise direction instead of doing it in clockwise direction and slammed Rahul Gandhi of being a “chunavi Hindu” which could be translated as “Electoral Hindu” or “Hindu for electoral gains”.

What’s the truth?

With a keyword search, we were able to find the video from ANI and NDTV, in addition to the video from Congress’ official twitter page. The video shared by Amit Malviya and other right wingers were taken from the Congress’ tweet.

Taking a 5 second clip from the 34 second video published in Congress’ twitter account, Bharatiya Janata Party’s National head of the IT wing, Amit Malviya claimed that the Aarti was done in the anticlockwise direction. But in the video, Rahul Gandhi indeed performed the aarti in clockwise direction.

Since the vantage point of the camera is opposite to Rahul Gandhi, it appears to be counterclockwise. Many made similar claims without considering the camera view inversion.

Amit Malviya’s tweet also claimed that the earth rotates in a clockwise direction which is factually untrue. But the earth rotates in a counterclockwise direction on its axis and its orbit around the sun is also counterclockwise.

Barring the accusation of the direction in which the aarti lamp was spun, the mere act of Rahul Gandhi performing aarti for the Narmada River has also been a matter of concern for the members of the BJP. Union Minister for Women and Child Development and Minority Affairs Minister Smriti Irani has also made a veiled attack on Rahul Gandhi for wearing the shawl with ‘Om’ upside down. She posted a photo of Rahul Gandhi being upside down to make the ‘Om’ look upright.


In our search, we find that the accusation made by Amit Malviya and several other right wingers is not true. Rahul Gandhi indeed performed the Aarti in clockwise direction.

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