Amit Shah did not say not to vote for BJP candidate. It was just a clipped video.


Now the home minister of the country is also saying not to vote for the BJP candidate of Depalpur Then Vishal Patel.

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In the runup to the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah campaigned hard for their party. Here, in this 23-second viral video, we can see Home Minister Amit Shah addressing the public in a rally where he said not to vote for Manoj Nirbhayasingh, the BJP candidate in Depalpur constituency of Madhya Pradesh.

What’s the truth?

With a keyword search, we were able to find Amit Shah’s entire speech live-streamed on his YouTube channel.

The same video is also posted on his official website and BJP’s official Facebook page.

After listening to the whole video, we learned that the viral clip shared on social media is just a part of his actual statement. In the 8th minute of the video, he said “Dear brothers and sisters, when you go to vote on the 17th, remember one thing… Do not vote to make Manoj Nirbhaysingh MLA. While he may become an MLA with your vote, your choice should be for the development and security of Madhya Pradesh and also the country. Your single vote plays a crucial role in shaping the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh, contributing to the establishment of Modi Ji’s double-engine government.”

From this, only a part of it is clipped (timestamp 7:40 to 7:59) and shared with false claims.


Amit Shah did not say not to vote for his party’s candidate. His actual statement is cut short and a trimmed video is spread on social media with false narratives.

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