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An actor’s arrest in 2013 is falsely shared as Barber Jihad


Breaking News… Mumbai Barber Jihad **** A Mullah confessed to the police that money is received for barber jihad in mosques. In which Hindus are taught to make a slight incision with the blade of AIDS. and to as many boys as possible

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An image of two people with policemen is circulated with the claim that one of them confessed to the police that money is received from Mosques for barber jihad in Mumbai. Barber Jihad is claimed as making a slight incision on the skin of Hindus with the blade infected with AIDS. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. The same claim was viral since 2019.

The viral posts in Hindi read “ब्रेकिंग न्यूज मुंबई नाई जिहाद एक मुलले ने पुलिस के सामने कुबूल किया कि मस्जिदों मेंनाईजेहाद के लिए पैसा मिलता है जिसमें हिंदुओं को एड्स के ब्लेड से हल्का सा चीरा लगाने के लिए सिखाया जाता है और ज्यादालडको को युद्ध के लिए तैयार किया जा रहा है सभी हिंदूनाई से ही सेवकटिंग कराये।

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the viral image with Google Lens it is found that the photo is of an actor’s arrest for credit card theft. Two relevant results were yielded out of the reverse search.

The ‘India TV’ Youtube channel is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video. This video was uploaded on 18, July 2013 with the title ‘Mumbai police arrests Bhojpuri actor Irfan Khan for credit cards theft’. The description part reads “Mumbai Police have arrested from Bihar’s Chhapra district, a renowned Bhojpuri actor Irfan Khan and his friend Sanjay Yadav on charges of stealing credit cards, cheque books and bill books, and then purchasing valuables”.

The India TV News in July 2013 reported, “Gold ornaments, 30 stolen credit cards, 17 cheque books and a bill book were seized from the duo, said Vivek Shendye, police inspector”.


It is found that an image from 2013 during the arrest of Bhojpuri actor Irfan Khan and his friend for credit card theft is falsely shared as ‘Barber Jihad’.

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