An edited video of a Congress MP questioning Modi face-to-face has gone viral!


Modi and Amit Shah were unable to answer the barrage of questions from the female parliamentarian!

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The video, which lasts one minute and 26 seconds, features a woman questioning Prime Minister Modi in the Parliament. In the video, she goes on to question, “who created schools, colleges, and universities. Who started IIT, MMNT? Whom do you call a traitor? whoever talks about your Prime Minister and your Home Minister and their works, you call him a traitor. You put them behind the bars. You don’t even spare the kids who are just 6 years old. What will you do?” As the Member of Parliament speaks very furiously we can see that Prime Minister Modi appears in between her speeches. You can view a similar claim post from 2023 here.

What’s the truth?

The member in the viral video can be identified as ‘Viplove Thakur’, a member of the Rajya Sabha from the Congress party. The video that is currently circulating on social media has also spread in February 2020. In it, it is mentioned that “Prime Minister Modi does not know how to answer questions in Parliament…”

It can be seen that in these two videos, Modi’s videos are different when Viplove Thakur is speaking.

The currently streaming video has ‘Courtesy: Sansad TV’ in the top left corner. After that, we looked for the full speech video by Viplove Thakur. A recording of her February 6, 2020, speech in the Rajya Sabha was discovered. Additionally, the video can be found on the “YOYO TV Channel” YouTube page.

Most of the seats are empty when Viplove Thakur speaks in the video. Similarly, Prime Minister Modi is not in that House. However, at 5 pm that day, Prime Minister Modi thanked the President for his speech and addressed the Rajya Sabha. This video is on Modi’s official YouTube page.

In the viral video, Modi is sitting at a place wearing a face shield. Elsewhere he is standing without a face shield. In one place it mentions ‘Lok Sabha’.

Similarly, in a video circulated in 2020, it says ‘OM BIRLA Hon’ble speaker’. Searching the internet with its keyframes, it is known that the video was Modi’s speech in the Lok Sabha on February 6, 2020. The entire video is available on Modi’s YouTube page. In it, Modi can be seen speaking in the same outfit with his hands tied behind his back.

From the above information, it can be seen that the video of Modi speaking in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is being edited and circulated falsely with the video of Viplove Thakur speaking in the Rajya Sabha. This indicates that two disparate videos have been combined and are being shared under bogus pretexts.


In our search, the video circulating about Modi stuttering when asked a question in Parliament by a Congress MP is not true.

In 2020, Modi was not present when Congress MP Viplove Thakur spoke in the Rajya Sabha. It can be seen that it is an edited video.

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Indu Meenakshi

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