An image of a woman showed to claim as an IAS officer from Madhya Pradesh is actually a writer from Tamil Nadu.


Truck driver’s daughter became IAS in Madhya Pradesh. First of all, the father’s dream of sitting in the ship was fulfilled. Won’t all of you congratulate him?

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In this viral post, you can see an image of a woman with her father sitting in a plane. The user went on to claim in Hindi that the truck driver’s daughter has become IAS in Madhya Pradesh and she took her father on a plane which was his dream. This picture was earlier shared by many users with the same claim which can be seen here, here and here. Come on, let’s go through the facts behind this viral post.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the simple google reverse image search process, the same led us to the Linkedin post shared by a woman named Vimala Pon. She has posted the same image saying “Thank you Colors Tv”. She further added in the description of the image stating, “My father is a truck driver and he made sure being in poverty, I should get good education. He had many accidents while driving but he drove day and night. My childhood dream was to take my dad on a plane. I fulfilled my wish at the age of 38 by joining the Colors Tamil Viacom18”.

Moreover, when we searched further, we found out that the woman seen in the viral picture is a writer who writes in the language Tamil and she been invited to many TV shows as special guest. One such occasion can be seen while she appeared in “Doordarshan Podhigai”.

Let’s see comparison of both the images below that shows that both are same person.

This proves that the woman in the viral image is a Tamil writer and not an IAS officer as claimed by the social media users.

She is serving as an Executive Director in Colors TV since November 2017 and she is from Tamil Nadu which is clearly mentioned in her Linkedin profile.


Therefore, through our research we conclude that the woman in the viral claim is not from Madhya Pradesh or neither an IAS officer. In reality, her name is Vimala Pon and she is an Executive Director of Colors TV and a Tamil writer.

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