An incident of murder due to personal revenge is being communalised.


How long will the Hindu keep crying like this..? 19 year old Hindu youth Nikhil Chauhan was stabbed to death by Jihadi Mohammad Haroon and Rahul.

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ANI video clip of a person crying is shared widely with the claim that 19-year-old Hindu youth Nikhil Chauhan was stabbed to death by ‘Jihadi’ Mohammad Haroon and Rahul. The post also mentions “How long will the Hindu keep crying like this?” This video is spread in a context where a Hindu youth is killed by a Muslim due to communal issues.

Twitter user Sagar Kumar “Sudarshan News” seem to have shared the post as it is against Hindus. And other social media users amplified it. The posts in Hindi read as “कब तक हिंदू ऐसे ही रोता रहेगा..? 19 साल केहिंदू युवक निखिल चौहान की जिहादी मोहम्मद हारून और राहुल ने चाकुओं से गोद गोद कर हत्या कर दी।” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords, we found a video tweeted by DCP South West District with the caption in Hindi roughly translated as “The Delhi Police arrested two people in connection with the stabbing of a student on June 18 at Delhi University’s South Campus.” A video of Manoj C, DCP South West is seen in the tweet where he explains the incident.

The DCP is seen saying Nikhil Chauhan, a first-year student was stabbed by Rahul, Yash, and others as Rahul and Yash had a brawl with Nikhil last week. The police have arrested two people – Rahul and his associate Haroon. Others also have been identified and will be arrested soon, said the DCP. The same video is tweeted by ANI.

The person seen in the viral video is Sanjay, the father of Nikhil who was stabbed to death. He is seen breaking down while speaking to the media. ANI also tweeted that the DCP said “Two persons Rahul – a 1st year BA student – and Haroon – a school dropout and friend of Rahul – have been appended. The investigation is in progress. We have identified two more persons involved in this incident”.

The media organizations including Hindustan Times and ABP Live are found reporting about the incident. It is reported that Nikhil Chauhan was a first-year student of the School of Open Learning. Another student from the same institution misbehaved with his girlfriend a week ago to which he objected. This made the accused angry and decided to take revenge on him.

The accused and three of his associates met Chauhan outside Aryabhatta College and allegedly stabbed him in the chest. The victim was rushed to a hospital but he was declared brought dead, PTI cited the police as saying.

Nikhil’s father, Sanjay Chauhan said “I do not know the accused, the police said one of the accused had been caught. 10 to 15 boys had come to kill Nikhil, some had come on bikes and some had come by metro. He was stabbed near the heart and he died on the spot due to bleeding.”


It is found that an incident of murder due to personal revenge is shared with false communal colour. No communal angle is seen in this case as the issue is explained by the police.

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