An old video from Bangladesh is shared with false claims linking it to Haryana violence.


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A video of a mob brutally thrashing a person on a road in broad daylight is widely circulated. One of the men in the mob is seen wearing an Islamic cap. This video is shared in the context that a Muslim is killing a Hindu. One of the frequent fake news peddlers, Gopal Goswami shared the video with the caption translated as “If you don’t wake up on Mewat, then one day your end is also going to be like this.”

What is the truth?

When searching for the viral video we found a Facebook post dated 2, July 2017 carrying the viral video. The video is captioned in Hindi. It is mentioned that the video is of Kashmir students beating CPRJ jawans. However, the video is not of Kashmir students beating CPRF jawans.

It is found that the same video was shared with different false claims earlier. The Times of India debunked another claim that is shared along with this video. The viral video is said to be of an incident that happened in Bangladesh’s Comilla in April 2017.

The article further stated that two people were beaten up and they are identified as Abu Sayeed and Mohammad Ali. Abu Sayeed was killed and Ali was injured. It is also mentioned that the victims are related to the murder case of Union Parishad chairman Monir Hossain Sarkar that happened in 2016.

With further search, Jagon News 24, a Bangladeshi news portal is found mentioning that Mohammad Ali and Abu Sayeed were killed in April 2017 by his supporters seeking revenge for Monir Hossain Sarkar’s murder that happened in November 2016. The 2017 incident is said to have happened in Gouripur bazar. The website ‘Observerbd’ reported that Sayeed was killed at Gouripur Bazar in Daudkandi upazila of Comilla.

We could not independently verify the whereabouts of the viral video. However, it is found from the TOI article, that both the victim and accused are from the same community, and the incident happened in 2017 in Bangladesh.


It is found that an old video from 2017 is being circulated now to falsely link it to the violence in Haryana’s Mewat.

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