An old video of removing gas cylinder from train track is shared with misleading claims.


Uttarakhand haldwani :  A madrasa chap threw a gas cylinder in front of a moving train !! The train accident in Odisha Balasore is also a big part of a conspiracy hatched by Jihadis. Earlier they used to kill Hindus by blasting bombs at various places, and now Hindus are being killed by conspiring against the railways.

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A video of removing a gas cylinder from the railway track under a train is shared mentioning that a Muslim threw a gas cylinder in front of a moving train. The post further mentions that the train accident in Odisha Balasore is also a big part of a conspiracy hatched by Muslims. It is also mentioned that elections are around the corner by sharing the video. One of the posts questioned if there is any conspiracy behind the train accidents happening in the country these days. Some of the posts with such claims can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When we skimmed through the comment section of the viral posts, we found a reply tweet from an account with the username ‘rpfnerizn’ (Railway Protection Force, North Eastern Railway, Izzatnagar Division), mentioning in Hindi which is roughly translated as “Sir, in relation to the said video, it was told by Uni 0 of Resub Chowki Haldwani that the said video is dated-05.07.22 (old video) in which a case has been registered against Government vs. Gangaram under Section/174, 153 Railway Act under MoS-131/22”.

The same viral video is tweeted by Chandrapal Singh, RPF Inspector, Kathgodam (as mentioned in his bio) with the caption in Hindi translated as “IPF/RPF/ Kathgodam NER. The viral video of the cylinder under the train is dated 5.7.2022, in which the case is registered under section 153, 174 of the Railway Act against Gangaram, in which the complaint letter has been filed in the court, the matter is still pending in the court.”

A recent Facebook post by Nainital Police is found with a statement related to the viral video. The statement is found carrying a matching visual from the viral video. The text in Hindi states that “A video related to a person throwing a cylinder on the track of a moving train under Haldwani area is being circulated on social media.

After examining the said viral video, it has come to know that the above incident happened about 01 year ago on 05.07.2022, and necessary action has been taken by arresting the concerned accused by the Railway Force on the day of the incident itself. Publicizing the video in this way can spread fear among the common people. Nainital Police appeals to all not to share any news/message without verifying its veracity.”


It is found that an old video of removing a damaged gas cylinder on a railway track is shared with misleading claims. The person behind the incident is not a Muslim but is identified as a Hindu named Gangaram.

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