An old video of Siddaramaiah’s lookalike dancing is shared as his recent video.


Siddaramaiah energetic dance. Congress continues winning streak in Karnataka

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Congress leader Siddaramaiah took an oath as Karnataka’s Chief Minister recently. Meanwhile, a 38-second video purportedly showing a person dancing to a Kannada song is viral on social media platforms mentioning it as “Siddaramaiah energetic dance. Congress continues winning streak in Karnataka”.

What is the truth?

When searching with the relevant keywords we found that the video is not only old but also of Siddaramiah’s Lookalike’s.

A Bangalore Mirror article published in March 2018 is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video. The person in the viral video is identified as Chanmaayi Gowda from Mysore, Karnataka. He is a farmer and has acted in a few films too. He was seen dancing at a cultural program organised as part of the agriculture workshop in 2018.

Times of India reported that Channamahagowda has got enough praise from workshop organizers and other farmers for his dance to the tune of a hit Kannada movie song ‘jeena tonic bottle? kudiyo munche allaadsu? which was run live on Facebook Live. His facial expression, dress, shoes and spectacles matched that of Siddaramaiah.

A Youtube channel Asianet Suvarna News uploaded an interview video with Chanmaayi Gowda on the viral dance. This video is titled “Exclusive: CM Siddaramaiah’s Look-Alike Fan Talks About His Viral Dance” and was uploaded on 13, March 2018.


It is found that the viral video does not show Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah dancing to a Kannada song. The person in the video is identified as Chanmaayi Gowda, Siddaramaiah’s lookalike.

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