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No, ancient sculptures in Gujarat’s Palitana temple do not represent the usage of smartphone or tablet



Look At That Statue Girl Standing style With Her Leg
Having Mobile Stick. Another Girl Having The Mobile With Different Fingering Style .

This sculpture is in the Palitana Jain Temples located on Shatrunjaya hills near Palitana in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, BHARAT (India) 🚩

( nowadays).It is surprising that this sculpture is more than 1000 years old when there were no devices like mobile and tablet.It has been taught, then how did the sculptures of that time make all this in the idol and so accurately depicted 🤔
Our ancestors were probably more modern in imagination than us.
Our ancestors and our culture were very divine.

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An image of two sculptures from Palitana Jain temple, Gujarat is shared as statue of girls having mobile stick and tablet. It is also exclaimed that how our ancestors predicted the usage of smartphones and tablets 1000 years ago when no device existed.

This claim is not new on social media as it keeps resurfacing. Some of the posts with such claims can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When the image is reverse searched, it is found that the viral image was published on ‘shunya’ website under Gujarat’s Palitana temple gallery. The image is captioned as ‘decking up / writing a letter’. The first sculpture seems to be beautifying herself and the second one seems to be writing a letter as mentioned.

It is mentioned on the website that there are around 860 Jain temples out of which some date back to almost a thousand years. But the age of the sculptures are not mentioned.

Another image of the decking up sculpture captured at a different angle is found on ‘alamy’ website mentioning as ‘Lady applying kajal eye liner in eye ; Palitana ; Gujarat ; India’.

Another image with better resolution is found on ‘akg images’ website revealing us that the sculpture indeed is carved as decking up and not as using smartphone. YouTurn debunked this claim and published an article on the same in January 2020.


The image of two sculptures decking up and writing a letter is shared as ancient sculptures using tablet and smartphone.

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