ANI clipped the portion of MDMK founder Vaiko’s remarks on Modi in Katchatheevu issue !


On the Katchatheevu issue, MDMK founder Vaiko says “Congress betrayed Tamil Nadu on every front at the time…”

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As the Lok Sabha elections approach, both parties are releasing a tonne of videos and pictures on social media criticizing one another and making different accusations.

In this instance, Vaiko, the founder of the MDMK party, is heard speaking to ANI. He claims that the Congress betrayed Tamil Nadu in the 10-second video. This post is shared stating that on the Katchatheevu issue, MDMK founder Vaiko says “Congress betrayed Tamil Nadu on every front at the time.” Similar claim posts can be viewed here and here.

What’s the truth?

When searching for the extended version of the video, we found Sun News’s X page, where they had posted the entire video.

This video was captioned “Modi has betrayed trust in the Katchatheevu issue – MDMK General Secretary Vaiko reviews.”

According to the lengthy 37-second video, we can hear him saying, “Congress betrayed Tamil Nadu in every front at that time. After that, ten years is a testing time for Narendra Modi. He is a traitor. He betrayed Tamil Nadu. He betrayed India. He betrayed Sri Lanka. It is Narendra Modi.”

This confirms that the widely shared video is clipped, as it is evident from listening to the entire speech that MDMK founder Vaiko not only calls out Congress but also calls Modi a traitor and claims he betrayed Tamil Nadu. This means the video is clipped deliberately.


In summary, the widely circulated allegation that MDMK founder Vaiko claimed the Congress had betrayed Tamil Nadu is a snippet of a video that has been shared with misleading information.

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Indu Meenakshi

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