Video of a human-like creature crawling the wall with its legs is not true, but 3D animated




A 15-second video purportedly showing a human-like creature climbing the wall with its legs is tweeted by the ‘Mysteries of the Unexplained’ Twitter page. This created confusion among social media users and many commented to check if the video is real or fake. This video has gained 6.7 million views, retweets and likes in thousands and is still counting at the time of writing this article.

What is the truth?

When watching the video closely, we found the words ‘MBG CORE’ at the end of the viral video. When searching for MGB core, we found a list of videos published on MBG Core’s social media handles including Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

This viral video is found on its Youtube channel in the form of shorts with the title ‘Darknet Chapelle by MBG Core’. And this video was uploaded on 11, November 2019. The bio of the Instagram page of MBG Core displays the words ‘3D Generalist’. Multiple other similar videos are also found posted on the Instagram and Youtube pages.

With further search, we found the details about MBG Core on the ‘wertn’ website. Marc Aurelien, a French self-taught artist is the man behind MBG (Motion Blaster Graphics) CORE. The tools he used to create 3D videos are also listed by him. This interview was published in January 2020 and this webpage also carries the viral video.


It is found that the viral video is not real but a 3D animation video created by Marc Aurelien in the name of MBG CORE.

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