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Did Stalin announce the launch of the Anitha NEET Training Centers?


NEET exam training centers will be started in the name of Anita – Stalin

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News 7’s News Card has been circulating on social networking sites stating that Stalin setting up of a NEET training centre in Anitha’s name. In this regard, troll memes are also going viral.

Meanwhile, Seeman, the co-ordinator of the Naam Tamil Party, said during his election campaign, if they can eliminate the NEET exam and then if we come to power, then why they can have a NEET exam training camp in Anitha’s name ”(in the 13.20th minute of the video).

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Fact Check:

The DMK had promised in its election manifesto that the resolution to cancel the NEET election would be passed in the first assembly session. Aside from the many questions as to whether it is possible to cancel the NEET exam, the question of how the NEET exam training center is being set up in the name of Anitha is also being raised on social media.

While searching for News7 Tamil’s news that NEET exam training centers will be started in Anitha’s name, a live video released during Stalin’s election campaign on March 24 was found. In it they titled as, NEET exam training centers will be started under the name of Anita – as Stalin has revealed.

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But, as Stalin speaks in that video, I have set up a center called Anita Achievers Academy in the Kolathur constituency where I was selected and have provided employment to nearly a thousand people in the last 2 years. At an event held on behalf of the organization 2 months ago, I announced that it would start not only in Kolathur constituency but in every district in Tamil Nadu as soon as I came to power. It is also promised in the election manifesto that Anita Achievers Academy will be started in every district as a skills development training center for women. ” He did not refer to it as the Need Training Center. But, in the news they mentioned NEET as a training center.

According to a report in the Hindu Tamil Directorate on the same campaign by Stalin, the Anitha Achievers Academy did not mention “NEET training”.

In an article published in January 2021, “DMK leader MK Stalin said that the Anitha Achievers Academy center will be set up in all constituencies once the DMK takes over.

Anitha Achievers Academy provided sewing machines to 197 women who completed their sewing training and laptops to students who completed their daily training. ”

It has been reported that MK Stalin has requested to start job placement centers named after Anitha in all constituencies in 2019 itself. Anitha Achievers Academy was started in MK Stalin’s constituency of Kolathur.

On the Facebook page of the Anitha Achievers Academy, the Anitha Achievers Academy in Kolathur, Chennai offers free Daily, GST and Banking training to its students. There is no information that NEET training.


In our search, MK Stalin did not say that the NEET training centre would be started in the name of Anitha. News7 Tamil channel, which published Stalin’s campaign, has falsely reported that Stalin had said that NEET training centres would be set up in Anitha’s name instead of mentioning Anitha Achievers Academy. Seeman is also talking based on this.

However, the Anitha Achievers Academy, founded by MK Stalin, is the only centre that offers additional skills training for Daily, Banking, Tailoring and Job Training. They have announced to set up the same throughout Tamil Nadu. It can be misunderstood as a training centre for NEET exams.

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