EVK Sampath pulling Anna in a hand cart – Dinamalar published without knowing the entire story!


EVK Sampath pulling Anna in a hand cart, Viral Memes – Dinamalar.

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The Tamil Nadu government has banned the carrying of Pallakku in the ‘pattina pravesam’ of the Dharmapura Adheenam. Meanwhile, a photo was published with the caption, “the man sitting in the cart is Annadurai, the one who is pulling is not a horse but a human, EVK Sampath”.

Dinamalar has published a photo mentioning “Memes with the photograph of DMK Founder, Former Chief Minister, Annadurai carried in a cart pulled by another Dravidian leader, EVK Sampath is being spread”. Currently, Dinamalar’s news is also going viral on social media.

What is the truth?

EVKS Ilangovan, Tamil Nadu Congress party, son of EVK Sampath posted in 2011 a photo of his father pulling the late former Chief Minister Anna’s cart in his hand.

The claimed image is shared by many including the Dinamalar news channel without knowing the entire story behind it.

In another image, EVK Sampath is sitting on the cart which was pulled by Anna. It is mentioned as ‘one to sit and one to pull the cart’ along with both the photographs. It can be seen that both of them have done so, to sit and pull another.

At that time, the hand cart was in practice. When Kalaignar Karunanidhi was the chief minister in 1973, the hand Rickshaw was banned. Instead, a bicycle rickshaw was given.


Only a photo of EVK Sampath, who is pulling a cart in which Annadurai is sitting, is misrepresented with the Dharmapuram Adheenam issue. However, it is known that there is also a picture of Anna pulling the cart when EVK Sampath is sitting on it.

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