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Was the crowd at Annamalai’s meeting in Thiruvarur photoshopped ?




A resolution was passed at the Thiruvarur council meeting to change the name of the South Road where the chariot passes in Thiruvarur as “Kalaignar Karunanidhi”. Hindu organizations, including the BJP, have strongly opposed changing the chariot passing street to Kalaignar’s name.

A protest was held in Thiruvarur on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanding the abandonment of the decision to name South Street in the name of Kalaignar’s. The photo was taken while the Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai speaking to a large crowd was shared by the BJP supporters on social media.

But the social media users claimed that the place was empty at the back of the meeting where BJP leader Annamalai held the protest and shared that the image is a photoshopped photo.

What is the truth?

BJP leader Annamalai wrote on his Twitter page, “Thiruvarur Thiagarajar’s chariot procession has become worldfamous. It is a betrayal of the Tamils ​​to change the name of this chariot traveling road, which is a heritage symbol of the people of Tamil Nadu, to that of the former Chief Minister Karunanidhi.

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There are so many villages in Tamil Nadu without roads. Let the Chief Minister pay attention and bring a road to those villages and let the former Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s name be put on it and let the political leader’s identity not hurt the faith of the people.” He has posted photos taken during the protest.

The photos shared on Annamalai’s Twitter page include photos of buildings on both sides. When we uploaded these photos to the fotoforensics site to find out if they were made in Photoshop, we did not find anything edited.

Also, some other photos taken during the protest in Thiruvarur were posted by BJP members on social media.
In addition, a video taken while honoring Annamalai with a shawl and garland during the BJP protest in Thiruvarur shows a crowd on the road from the stage.

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It is clear that the image of the crowd present at Annamalai’s protest meeting held at Thiruvarur is not photoshopped and is real.

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