Another incident of murder by a Hindu man shared in the name of ‘jihadi’.


I said earlier also that more than coronavirus is dangerous 4 #G#Haad virus which is increasing day by day in Malheda village of Gurgaon, one Abdul killed a Hindu girl by stabbing her and some secular Hindus standing there keep making videos shameful

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A 34-second video purportedly showing a woman beating a man with footwear and another woman lying dead nearby is viral. The video shows blood flowing in the stagnant water on the ground. And the people standing around are seen still with no intervening. This video is shared to claim that one Abdul killed a Hindu girl by stabbing her in Malheda village of Gurgaon. This video is shared with such a claim by right-wing supporters and some of them can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords, we found multiple news reports about the incident related to the viral video. Deccan Herald reported that the incident took place near the government school of Molahera village in Gurugram district on July 10. The accused stopped the victim who was heading home along with her mother. CCTV footage shows them arguing initially and later he took a knife from his kurta and stabbed her to death.

“They were engaged earlier but due to some reason the family members of the deceased girl broke off their engagement. Keeping a grudge against the deceased, the accused attacked the girl when he got an opportunity and stabbed her to death. We have arrested the accused and are questioning him,” said Varun Dahiya, ACP.

Both the victim and her mother tried stopping him, but the victim falls to the ground. The viral video shows the mother beating the accused with footwear after the victim falls to the ground. The accused is identified as Ramkumar.

Times of India reported the accused name as Rajkumar. And his wedding with the victim was called off by the victim’s mother over their suspicion of his character. This made him angry and he ended up killing the victim. She was taken to hospital but she was dead by the time. The victim also carried a country-made pistol, reported the article.

The Gurugram Police tweeted a video regarding this incident. The video is captioned in Hindi and is roughly translated as “The accused, Ramkumar (age 23), who killed a 19-year-old girl by stabbing her, was arrested within a short time by the team of Gurugram Police Station Palam Vihar, acting promptly. The knife used in the incident was also recovered from the possession of the accused.”


It is found that the claim made by right-wing supporters accusing Muslims in an act of murder is false. The woman was stabbed to death by Ramkumar and not Abdul as the viral posts claim.

It is to be noted that some of the news reports including Times of India reported the accused’s name as Rajkumar. But the tweet by Gurugram police clarified that his name is Ramkumar.

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