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Is there a Shiva Linga sculpture in the oldest Rasa Mosque in the Arabian country? | What is the truth?


The oldest Rasa Mosque in the world! Is in the Arabian country! The highlight is the Shiva Lingam and two Nandhi engraved on it! Zoom in and see.

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The photo has gone viral on social media, claiming that the world’s oldest Rasa mosque in the Arabian country is engraved with the image of Shiva and Nandi. We were also asked about the authenticity of the post by YouTurn followers. The photo has been shared on the social networking site since 6 months ago. We decided to explore the authenticity of the photo being shared.

Facebook link | archive link  

Fact Check

The building structure featured in the photo does not appear to be the oldest mosque in the Arabian country. It does not look like an ancient mosque, nor does it look like an Arabian country. It appears to be a building with an Islamic architectural structure or a monument. Not only that, but you can see some people hanging out in the minivan behind the building, and by this we came to know that they are Indians.

When we did a reverse image search of this photo, we found no information other than the viral recordings. Similarly, if you search for the Rasa Mosque in the Arabian country, you will find that there is no such mosque. If you search for the oldest mosques in the world, some top 10 mosques are located in Saudi Arabia. They are all a gigantic organization.

March – 2016 in TripAdvisor website, Delhi – an Agra tourists have uploaded this photo. This ensures that the building is in India. However, they did not share anything about where the photo was taken and its details. Furthermore, data on the structure of the building are not available.


In our search, we were able to find out that the rumours circulating that the world’s oldest Rasa Mosque featured a Shiva Lingam and sculptures of two Nandhi were false.

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