Are the North Indians under attack in Tamil Nadu?

A social media post uses unrelated videos of violence to claim so.


Claim 1

North Indians are being attacked in Tamil Nadu, Hindi speaking people are being attacked. Government of Bihar, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Government of Jharkhand, all are silent. Such oppression on Hindi speaking people has never been seen before in India. Attacks are being carried out with swords and other weapons.

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Claim 2

For the first time I am seeing such oppression on Hindi speaking people in Tamil Nadu state of India.

There is a coalition government of DMK and Congress in Tamil Nadu.

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Several thousand of ‘North Indians’ have come from various states to work in almost all southern states. In Tamil Nadu too, scores of workers/labourers are from northern states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal etc. A significant number of workers have migrated from Northeastern states as well into Tamil Nadu. Some political parties are raising an alarm at the rate of migration and demand that this needs to be curbed. Now, a self-described journalist named Mohammad Tanvir had posted in social media claiming that violence against migrant workers in Tamil Nadu are increasing.

What’s the truth?

The first video shared by Tanvir is from Coimbatore. The video shows a murder of a youth in the combined Combined Court Complex in Coimbatore’s Gopalapuram. The murder is a result of a gang war, and it took place in February 2023. Subsequently, the people involved in the murder are being chased after and arrested by the Police. This is not an attack of migrant workers by the locals in Tamil Nadu.

Screen grab of an article from The Hindu.

Another video shared by Mohammed Tanvir is actually from Rajasthan. The video was spread earlier by claiming to be an attack on a Hindu priest by Muslims but it was a case of property dispute between family members.

Screengrab of a video shared by Mohammed Tanvir.

A lawyer was stabbed to death by his relatives over a property. YouTurn had already written an article fact-checking that. Read here. The same video is being now used to claim that North Indians are being attacked in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Police have responded to these allegations by providing clarifications while also warning against spreading misinformation. The Tamil Nadu Police have identified the second video to be of a clash amongst the migrant workers themselves.

Tamil Nadu’s Director General of Police (DGP) Sylendra Babu had also released a video regarding the claim.


In our search, 3 unrelated videos are used by Mohammed Tanvir to falsely claim that the migrant workers are being attacked in Tamil Nadu.

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