No, Argentina didn’t issue currency notes with Messi’s picture


Argentina issues first official currency with pictures of Messi and world cup winning team

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After the victory of Argentina in the FIFA World Cup finals held on 18, December 2022 in Qatar, the tram Argentina and its captain Lionel Messi are being celebrated worldwide. Meanwhile, some of the mainstream media outlets seem to have published that the central bank of Argentina proposed to include Messi’s picture on 1000 peso currency notes. And the same is being circulated on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Some of the posts claim that the first official currency with Messi’s picture is released by Argentina. The links with such claims can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

Most of the tweets and news articles with the claim mentioned ‘El Financiero’ as their sources including Daily Mail. The El Financiero article mentioned that the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA) analyzed options to celebrate a hypothetical word title and capturing Messi’s image on 1000 pesos currency note as the figure starts with ‘10’ and ‘La Scaloneta’ (nickname of the team led by Leonel Scaloni) at the back of the currency note was the favourite option.

It is quoted in the same article, “And before you think otherwise, this option was proposed ‘joke’ by the members of the Argentine Central Bank, although the most enthusiastic directors, such as Lisandro Cleri, fervent sympathizer of Boca Juniors, and Eduardo Hecker, follower of Independiente, agreed that a ticket with this design would awaken the collector’ spirit of Argentines.”

Another article from ‘Bloomberglinea’ reported, “BCRA sources ruled out that the option of putting the image of the captain of the Argentine National Team on the tickets is even under study. At Casa de la Moneda they were also surprised at the consultation of this media regarding whether it may be a possibility. In both cases, in fact, they took the version with humor before dismissing it completely”.


It is evident that BCRA ruled out the option of putting Messi’s image on the currency note. Therefore the images of currency note with Messi’s image that are being circulated with the claim that Argentina released them are fake.

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