Edited video of Arijit Singh singing Gerua shared by BJP members with a false claim


At the Kolkata Film Festival, Mamata Banerjee asked Arijit Singh to sing one of his favourites and he chose रंग दे तू मोहे गेरुआ

It was an evening of realisations. From Mr Bachchan to Arijit, who reminded Mamata Banerjee, in her backyard, that the future of Bengal is saffron…

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The 8-day-long 28th Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) 2022 at Netaji Indoor Stadium was inaugurated on 15, December 2022. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, singer Arijit Singh, and other famous personalities took part in it.

When the singer Arijit Singh was giving his speech, CM Mamata Banerjee and the audience requested him to sing a song. In this context, several social media posts are in circulation with a claim that he sang the ‘Rang de tu mohe gerua’ song in response to the request as a reminder to Mamata Banerjee that the future of Bengal is saffron (gerua). The 17-second video clip of Mamata Banerjee requesting him to sing the ‘gerua’ song in response is shared by many social media users including Amit Malviya and Dr. Sukanta Majumdar from BJP, and ‘The Frustrated Indian’ media company. Other such posts can be seen here and here.

India Today reported, “When Arjit Singh took the stage, CM Mamata Banerjee and the audience requested him to sing a song. Taking over, he said how could he not sing his favourite song, Gerua, when Shah Rukh Khan is there on the stage. He mesmerised everyone with his melodious voice as he sang the Dilwale song” in an article dated 16, December 2022 titled ‘When Arijit Singh sang Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua in front of SRK and Mamata Banerjee at KIFF 2022. Watch’. This article knowledgeably missed including the exact instance.

What is the truth?

A tweet by ‘Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club’ on 15, December 2022 mentioning Arijit Singh’s Gerua is found carrying a video of Arijit Singh, but this 35-seconds video clip has another song also sung by him.

Another tweet by ‘Siddharth’ has a 45-second video of the same instance starting with Mamata Banerjee requesting the singer to sing a song.

When searching for the complete video clip of him, 2.21 minutes video is found published on a Youtube channel named ‘Arijit Singh Official’ (though not his official page) on 16, December 2022 with the title ‘Arijit Singh Live In Kolkata International Film Festival KIFF 2022’. He is seen giving a speech initially and at 58th second, Mamata Banerjee is requesting him a song followed by requests from the audience to sing one of his songs ‘Bojhena se Bojhena’. Then he is seen saying “SRK is in front of me and how can I sing something else? I will quickly sing two lines” and then he sings ‘Bojhena se Bojhena’ and ended with ‘Rang de tu mohe gerua’, one of his most popular SRK songs.


It is apparent that the original video is clipped in a way that he sings ‘Gerua’ when Mamata Banerjee raised the request. This clipped video is shared by social media users including Amit Malviya and Dr Sukanta Majumdar from BJP.

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