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Did Arjun Sampath say that he will give Rs 1 lakh to those who slap actor Surya?


Arjun Sampath: I will give a gift of Rs 1 lakh to those who slap actor Surya.

Actor Surya: If you give a lakh for beating me I am ready to give that opportunity to a poor student

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As a result of a statement issued by actor Surya linking NEET exam with “manu neethi” from the Mahabharata, Right-wing supporters have been condemning Surya and lashing out at him on social media.

In this context, posts against Arjun Sampath began to emerge after the news broke that the leader of the Hindu Makkal Katchi’s Arjun Sampath, had announced that he would give a reward of Rs 1 lakh to those who beat actor Surya with sandals. Following this, it began to spread that actor Surya had responded to Arjun Sampath’s announcement by saying, “If you give a lakh for beating me I am ready to give that opportunity to a poor student”

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Arjun Sampath has denied the allegations. According to Arjun Sampath’s Twitter page, “R S Bharati’s media forgets to cover the real face, that the DMK is encouraging student suicides by believing a false news and taking it to Surya and responding to it and discussing it on media are just to divert public opinion”

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Tamil Nadu BJP vice-president Annamalai has also condemned “One India” for publishing this news .

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The Hindu Makkal Katchi official Twitter page continues to post Arjun Sampath’s reply and Annamalai post. In it, they have posted a photo of the news that OneIndia Tamil is spreading false news.

The news went viral after the OneIndia Tamil website published the news yesterday. OneIndia is currently deleted that message. A statement issued today as the Hindu Makkal Katchi had denied the allegations. However, OneIndia also quoted that “Arjun Sampath did not deny that the statement was previously made by one of the member on Hindu Makkal Katchi”

It is not sure whether actor Surya has responded to the rumour that Arjun Sampath has been quoted. This is because no such comment was posted on his official social media pages or published in the news. The opinion against Surya may have been an opinion created for him.

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It is noteworthy that Surya shared the tweet in August, “We should not lower our standards in response to substandard criticism. Spend your time and energy on useful activities”.



In our search, Arjun Sampath has denied that he will give a reward of Rs 1 lakh to those who slap actor Surya. It is also learned that there is no evidence that actor Surya responded to the rumour that Arjun Sampath had said.


Eventhough Arjun Sampath did not make such an announcement, in an interview with the party’s deputy general secretary Dharma, the Hindu Makkal Katchi announced that a prize of Rs 1 lakh would be given to those who slapped actor Surya under the leadership of state president Arjun Sampath. That video is also currently going viral. His announcement is being circulated as Arjun Sampath announcement.

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