This article is from Nov 06, 2020

Rumor has it that Arjun Sampath has said that he will burn himself in the fire if permission is not given for the Vel Yatra!


I will bathe in the fire if permission is not given for Vel Yatra – Arjun Sampath

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It has been announced that the Vail Yatra will be held in Tamil Nadu from November 6 to December 6 under the leadership of Tamil Nadu BJP leader L Murugan. A case was filed in the Chennai High Court seeking a ban on the pilgrimage. The government replied that the pilgrimage was not allowed in that case.

Following this, a post started circulating on social media that Hindu Makkal Katchi leader Arjun Sampath had said that he would take a bath if the Vail pilgrimage was not allowed. I was able to see many people teasing it and posting.

But nowhere does Arjun Sampath say that I will bathe in the fire if the government does not give permission for the vel yatra. Social media users have been teasing and spreading rumours that he did not say.

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On the official Twitter page of the Hindu Makkal Katchi, “This is false information. The BJP is carrying out the Vail Yatra, not the Hindu Makkal Katchi. ”

BJP leader L Murugan has left for Thiruvananthapuram on November 6 (today) after being denied permission for the Vail yatra. Police have arrested them for violating the ban.


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