This article is from Dec 16, 2020

A video going viral as army raids to stop farmers’ protest | What is the truth?


If the Indian Army is used against the farmers, then we could have all doubts cleared on who the real masters of the country are!!

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“The Indian Army was sent to quell the farmers’ protest in Delhi,” says in a video of a man in a car following Indian Army vehicles on the National Highway.

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This 1.13 minute video is going viral on social media all over India. Piyush Manush has posted a 40-second video on his Facebook page criticizing Prime Minister Modi, Ambani and Adani, saying that using the Indian Army against farmers would dispel doubts about who the real masters of this country are. Followers are also asked us to comment on its authenticity.

Fact Check:

The Defense Ministry has denied that the viral claim that the Indian Army is concentrated on suppressing the farmers’ struggle is false. The PIB’s official Twitter page denied the claim, saying the video was a routine operation by the military and had nothing to do with the farmers’ struggle.

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It is clear from the viral video that the vehicle was not seen by soldiers except for the operators. Only trucks, cargo and heavy artillery can be seen moving in the video.

Defense Ministry spokesman Bharat Bhushan Babu said, “The viral video claiming that the army has deployed against protesting farmers around Delhi is fake. The military force seen in the video was actually a general transport and convoy carrying only artillery, and the truck did not go with the soldiers, ” Fact Crescento a English fact-checking website was quoted as saying in response to the viral video.


In our search, the defence ministry has been denied the viral information that military vehicles and artillery moving on the national highway to stop the Delhi farmers’ struggle. In the viral video, only artillery and trucks are seen travelling, with no military personnel visible.

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